Vehicle Tag Renewals

  • Vehicles registered to Georgia owners prior to March 1st, 2013, will remain in the “old” ad valorem system until an ownership change that triggers a TAVT payment is complete.
  • Vehicles owned by a business expire on the last day of the month so determined alphabetically by the business name. Example: ABC Business expires on January 31st.
  • Tags expire on the birthday of the first owner shown. You should receive a bill 30 days prior to renewal. Penalties apply after the birthday deadline. Failure to receive a bill in the mail does not relieve the penalty. If you do not receive a bill, call the Tag Office with your tag number and one will be mailed to you. This must be done in time to ensure registration by your birthday.
  • The penalty for late registration is 10% of the tax ($5.00 minimum) and 25% of the tag fee. These penalties begin immediately following the due date.
  • The vehicle must be covered by liability insurance at all times or a lapse in coverage penalty will apply. If you cancel the insurance, you must also cancel the tag registration. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to insure their vehicle is properly registered.

Renew over the internet at