Is my insurance in the system?

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  • Newly purchased vehicles from a car dealership must be titled within 30 days of purchase. The dealership should submit the necessary paperwork and fees to process the title application including TAVT.
  • A temporary tag may be issued by the selling dealership or in some cases by the tag office.
  • Georgia liability insurance is required to be transmitted to the state’s database by your insurance company to obtain a license plate for your vehicle.
  • Vehicles purchased from another individual or a non-dealership business must be titled within 30 days. Georgia law allows you to drive the vehicle for 7 days with a signed title, valid insurance and valid Georgia driver's license. A temporary tag in some cases may be issued by the tag office.
  • TAVT is due at the time of the title application.
  • If you sell or trade-in a vehicle, you keep your tag. Tags can be transferred to new vehicle which are registered to the same first owner. Proof of title (bill of sale for 1985 and older) is required to purchase a tag or transfer a tag from a vehicle you no longer own.

For further information regarding vehicle registration please visit the State of Georgia Motor Vehicle Division website at